Wearable Technology and How it Helps You

Wearable technology

There’s more to a beneficial workout routine than just moving around every once in a while. To truly get the most out of a workout, you need to have a plan, stick with it, and be able to keep track of it to see if you’ve met your goals. That’s a lot for one person to keep track of, but fortunately, wearable technology can take a bit of the load off your shoulders. Here’s everything you need to know about what smart technology is, if it can be used for workouts, and how, specifically, it can use to help you.

What Is Wearable Tech?

Wearable tech is, as the name would suggest. A piece of advanced technology that can easily be worn as an accessory. It takes a number of forms and can be used for a number of purposes. It often links with your smartphone to fulfill these purposes better. As it’s essentially a piece of technology that’s always on your person. The things it can accomplish with some clever use is astounding. From simple conveniences to more or less having a scheduling aide on your wrist at all times. 

Can Wearable Tech Be Used for Workouts?

Smart watch for workouts

Of course, as useful as wearable electronics are in everyday life. It stands to reason that they’d be helpful in your daily workout routine as well. You’d be surprised just how much such a small piece of technology can be used for. From monitoring your heart rate to helping track your fitness goals. With that said, let’s take a closer look at some of the specifics.

Timing Your Workouts

First of all, smart tech can use to time your workouts. Whether you want to see how fast your mile is, time your intervals, or just keep track of how long you’ve been working out overall. All you have to do is press a few buttons and you’re good to go! Timing your workouts can beneficial for a number of reasons. With cardio, for example, time is an incredibly important factor. Most workout experts recommend that each of your cardio sessions lasts at least 20 minutes, as this is generally the point where you’ll start to notice cardiac growth. In addition, exercising for too long can lead to strain and over-exhaustion, which will in turn lead to injury. As mentally keeping track of time is near-impossible while exercising, and keeping your phone strapped to your arm is inconvenient. Wearable devices are by far the best option.

AI-Powered Coaching

Wearable technology with AI-Powered Coaching

As advanced as smart wearable devices were already, they’ve only continued to advance with the recent revolution in artificial intelligence. Now, some fitness-oriented pieces of wearable tech have AI-powered coaching features, which will track your vital signs and activity levels as you exercise. Once your workout session is done, the AI can analyze the results and give you personalized advice to improve your next session. By making use of this powerful tool, you’ll be able to jumpstart your workout routine, making gains faster than ever.

Tracking Natural Cycles

Aware of them or not, your body is always running on a number of cycles, and understanding them is the key to improving your workouts. For example, knowing the times and conditions under which you get the highest-quality sleep allows you to have more energy, and that energy can be applied to your workouts. Of course, being unconscious, you can’t exactly track your own sleep, but wearable smart tech can. Your smartwatch can track your sleep cycles, vital signs during sleep, and overall restfulness throughout the night. This will allow you to greatly improve your sleep quality, and therefore your workout quality.

Helping Track and Meet Your Goals

Wearable technology to meet your goals

The problem with the vast majority of workout goals is just how nebulous they are. While deciding that you want to get in shape is a great decision, that alone won’t give you a plan of action that you can act on and keep track of. Once you’ve put that plan of action together, though, you have to follow it and monitor your progress,. Which can difficult to do mentally or by hand. Smart tech, of course, offers a solution for this as well. A number of fitness-tracking and goal-keeping apps available for users to install. By making effective use of these, you can ensure that your goals are being met, and if they aren’t, diagnose and fix the issue moving forward.

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