Workout Gloves Guide Suitable For Gym

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There are many details that go into the perfect workout, and one of the smallest – yet most important – are gym gloves. 

Here, you’ll learn whether or not you need gym workout gloves, what you should look for in a pair, and how to keep your hand gloves for the gym in good condition. 

Do I Need Training Gloves?

Gym gloves are there to protect your hands while you work out. They can also provide great traction for weight lifting and other gym activities that involve a bar. You can also count on them to keep you safe from calluses, cuts, and bruises – not to mention germs and bacteria. 

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Workout gloves with wrist support provide an extra layer of comfort and strength for your wrists, while gym gloves in general provide support for your fingers and palms, creating a better grip for whatever you may be working on. 

There are plenty of benefits that coincide with training gloves, but only you can decide whether you need them or not. 

Choosing the Right Workout Gloves

What gym workout gloves you wear depends on the type of exercises you do. Each pair of gloves is different and provides a unique purpose, and different benefits. 

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  • If you use free weights, cardio machines, and the punching bag…
    • General workout gloves (with optional wrist support) will work for you. 
  • If you focus on intense training and are at the gym frequently…
    • Find real leather gloves that have layered padding, wrist support, and breathability. 
  • If you’re an infrequent gym attendee and focus on lighter weights…

When you choose your gloves, focus on fit (not too tight and not too loose), the amount of cushioning (and flexibility) related to the type of workouts you do, hand and wrist support, and palm traction for a no-slip grip. 

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Maintaining Your Hand Gloves

You’ll undoubtedly be sweating when you wear your training gloves, and that sweat can affect the fabric. To keep your gloves nice, place them in a dry setting (but out of direct sunlight), make sure they get 100% dry after you use them, and wash them frequently (using the regular cycle and detergent, then tumble drying on low). 

Understanding Workout Gloves

When you find the perfect pair of training gloves, you’ll know. We wish you the best of luck in your search for the right gloves and, as always, you can contact us if you have any further questions. 

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