The Perfect Yoga Starter Set: Here’s What You Need

Female is doing yoga

Yoga is becoming more and more popular lately due to its wide range of health and fitness benefits. So there’s a fair chance you’re looking to get started on it yourself. Before that, though, you’ll need a proper starter set of yoga equipment. So, what goes into the perfect yoga starter set? Let’s take a look.

Yoga Mat

Yoga mat

First and foremost, you’ll want to invest in a high-quality yoga mat. As a fair number of yoga asanas (poses) are done on the ground. Attempting to do yoga on a bare, hard floor is uncomfortable, to say the least. A thick yoga mat helps to alleviate this, providing a soft, comfortable cushion between you and the ground. This will make your yoga journey a far more pleasant experience overall. Itcan even help to prevent slippage during certain asanas that would be difficult on surfaces like bare hardwood.

Yoga Block

Yoga block

Yoga blocks are a key part of any yoga set. Often used to prop up the arms or support your legs or back during certain asanas. If you need to touch the ground with your hand for an asana, for example, but your arm isn’t quite long enough to reach. You can use your yoga block to make that reach a bit easier. On the other hand, if an asana requires your back to be elevated off the ground, you can use a yoga block to prop yourself up. Either way, having one greatly expands your options for your yoga journey.

Yoga Wheel

Yoga wheel

Finally, there’s the yoga wheel, which though used in a similar way to the yoga block, has an entirely distinct purpose. While yoga blocks are most useful in poses that remain stationary, a yoga wheel allows you to have a greater range of movement, making otherwise-difficult asanas much more accessible, especially for beginners. 

Yoga wheels are especially important for those who are trying yoga to relieve chronic pain, as they allow people at risk of re-injury a way to ease into the more difficult asanas, especially those that involve backbends. Whether for safety, comfort, or convenience, though, anyone who’s starting their yoga journey should consider investing in a yoga wheel.

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