The Best Home Gym Equipment for Home Workouts

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Everyone should work out. Whether walking, running, or lifting weights, everyone should get some daily exercise to keep themselves healthy. But gyms can be far away, expensive, or just scary to go to, and home workouts can be helpful, effective, and efficient while avoiding any pressures or embarrassments!

If you’re looking to start a home workout program, you’re probably wondering what gym equipment set for home workouts works best. As with many things, that boils down to what you actually want to train at home, but we’ve put together a guide of some standard home gym equipment and what workouts work best with them.

Dumbbells and Kettlebells

Dumbbells and kettlebells are the bread and butter of any at-home strength training program, and for good reason: these things are unbelievably versatile. Whether you’re doing dumbbell abs exercises or kettlebell shoulder and leg routines, these weights can be used to train basically every muscle in your body.

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Ankle Weights

Another excellent option for strength training is ankle weights. By attaching the extra weight to your ankles, you can amplify the difficulty of leg exercises by increasing resistance and thus increasing your calories burned and muscles built. Ankle weights should never be too heavy as you want to use them over the course of an entire workout to build a leg burn.

Ankle weights can also be used during cardio routines, such as walking and cycling, to add extra resistance, burn extra calories, and help with strength training.

Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes are one of the best choices for at-home cardio workouts. They can be as intense or as relaxing as you want them to be so that you can train at any level. Get yourself an exercise cycle; for home gyms, there are a few better options.

Exercise bike: Home wo

Machines and Accessories

Home gym machines and accessories are great options for keeping everything you need to train in one place and making your workouts with or without equipment even better, respectively. 

Machines allow you to train specific muscle groups and really target certain strengths or weaknesses you may have. They’re also excellent for training with injuries. You can even get bigger gym equipment, like a gym rod and plates.

Machines and accessories for home workout

Accessories, on the other hand, help you to train harder and better with existing equipment. Common gym accessories are lifting belts, resistance bands, and gloves, but can include many other options.

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