Exercises to Improve Your Mental Wellbeing 

You probably already know that exercise is good for your physical body, but did you know it’s just as good at maintaining your mental wellbeing? 

The Mental Benefits of Exercise

There are tons of ways that exercise offers mind and body support. Here are a few benefits that could coincide with exercising on a regular basis: 

  • Reduced anxiety
  • Reduced symptoms of depression 
  • Improved self-esteem (and therefore improving your mood) 
  • Reduced social withdrawal
  • Improved cognitive function
Man doing meditation

Best Exercises for Mental Wellbeing

The best exercises for mental fitness vary from person to person, since the most effective mental health activities are those that you enjoy doing. What matters most is that you’re moving!

But if you’re not sure where to start, here are three of the best activities for mental fitness: 

1. Walking

Walking may seem simple, but it’s a great place to start – and it’s easily sustainable. Even a 15-minute walk does wonders to clear your head. Remember, you don’t have to complete high-intensity exercises for an extended period of time to reap the benefits. 

Elder man is walking

As your body gets used to walking, amp up the intensity with a faster pace or more hills. You’ll see that your body starts to enjoy benefits as well as your mind. 

2. Yoga

Yoga is wonderful for relaxation and releasing tension, and it also increases bodily awareness and muscle tone. 

Regular yoga practice has the power to lower your heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, and cardiac output. It can also help boost the serotonin levels in your brain! This means lowered symptoms of anxiety and depression in the long run (and even in the short term, too). 

Female doing yoga for mental wellbeing

what works for you and you’ll notice benefits before long. 

3. Running

Running is a mental fitness activity that can be done on the gym treadmill, or out in the fresh air in your neighborhood. This activity is known to boost the mood, encourage stress relief, and make for better sleep. All of those benefits put together makes for improved emotional health, reduced anxiety, and lessened depression. 

Woman is running

Stay Active to Stay Healthy

Your physical body isn’t the only part of you that can benefit from regular exercise. As you can see, your mind benefits as well. Take some time out of your day to incorporate one of these three exercises into your schedule and see how great it makes you feel afterwards.