Jump Rope Is The Best Cardio Workout – Here’s Why

Jump rope goes far beyond a physical activity to keep kids entertained – now, exercise using jumping rope is something that can benefit the body and mind of people of all ages. 

Jump rope drills are one of the easiest and most effective ways to maintain your metabolism and your health in general. You don’t have to get a gym membership – just pick up a jump rope from your local sporting goods store and start burning calories, toning your muscles, and improving your heart health. 

Is Jump Rope Good For Cardio?

Two women using jump rope for exercise

Jump rope is great for cardio because you’re working almost all of the muscles in your body. When those muscles work, they pump blood and oxygen that supports a healthy heart and respiratory system. It might not happen overnight, but you’ll notice improvements the more you use your jump rope. 

More Benefits of Jump Rope

Jump rope drills are great for your heart, but there are many other ways they can positively impact the rest of your body. Here are some of those ways:

  • It’s a total body workout.
    • Your heart is pumping, your breathing rate is heightened, you’re using your legs and glutes to jump, your arms and shoulders are engineering the movement of the rope… you get a full body workout with your jump rope that engages all the muscles and speeds up your metabolism.
  • It’s great for weight loss.
    • Jump rope is good for weight loss too. By reducing your calorie intake and intensifying your jump rope routine, you can lose weight steadily and healthily. 
  • It builds muscle. 
    • Jumping rope engages almost all the muscles in your body and, as each one functions differently, it builds strength over your whole body.
  • It builds endurance. 
    • As you grow consistent with your jump rope, you’ll build endurance and be able to jump for longer, which will bring about more benefits. 
Man is doing exercise using jump rope

Why It Is Good For Cardio?

To bring the subject back around, jump rope drills are good for your heart because they engage the large muscles in the body. When you jump rope, the muscles move in a way that triggers quick breathing and an increased heart rate – two things that are great for heart health and overall longevity. 

jump rope for exercise

If you’re interested in bettering your heart and entire body with jump rope, there’s no reason to delay. Start out slow and build your way up to get in the best shape of your life.