Resistance Bands for Strength Training- Are They Effective?

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If you’re interested in setting up a home gym, you’ll need the right equipment. You’ve probably come across more conventional offerings like weight sets and workout machines. But you may have also seen something called a resistance band. If they’ve piqued your interest, stick around! We’ll be going over what resistance bands are. how to use resistance bands for strength training? and how they stack up against other types of workout equipment.

What Are Resistance Bands?

For all the benefits they provide, resistance bands are surprisingly simple tools– essentially very thick rubber bands. Like a regular rubber band, they can stretch extremely far. But their thickness means that you’ll have to exert yourself to do so. Resistance bands typically designed to require a certain amount of force to use, similar to weights. Using them in otherwise simple resistance workouts presents a unique challenge with unmistakable benefits. But how do these benefits stack up against more conventional workout equipment?

Do Resistance Bands Work?

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Absolutely! Though they may seem unassuming at first. Resistance bands are a great way to add some extra challenge to your daily workout regimen. Workouts with resistance bands help work muscles in ways that other exercises don’t, and provide a host of unique benefits. (More on those later!)

Squats, for example, are a great exercise on their own, but once you’ve gotten used to squatting with only the resistance of your body weight, they start to become a bit too easy. Squats with resistance bands, however, can be however challenging you need them to be. Simply put, resistance bands take everyday home exercises and add a bit of extra difficulty, allowing you to continue growing and challenging yourself.

Are Resistance Bands as Good as Weights?

girl at gym using resistance bands for strength training

If you’re looking to purchase workout equipment, you’ve no doubt come across listings for both weights and resistance bands. Naturally, this raises the question of which is better. It’s difficult to determine a clear winner, but you may prefer one or the other depending on your workout needs. They’ve both proven to be great for strength training, with many workout experts suggesting that they’re more or less equally matched in terms of effectiveness.

Effectiveness isn’t the only question here, though. It’s also important to consider the actual mechanics of use. Weights, for example, have a fairly set-in-stone use. Regardless of which muscle group you’re targeting, the motion for using weights is going to be fairly similar. You start with the weight in a low position, lift it to a high position, and carefully return it to that low position. This is great if you’re working on stability and muscle control, but the repetitive motions can be hard on your joints.

Resistance bands, on the other hand, are much more flexible in their use. Their design allows them to be used with a full range of motion, so rather than using resistance band-centric exercises, you can just adapt your everyday workouts to include resistance bands. This allows you to hit your target muscle groups in a way that works for you, and can help reduce strain on joints. If you’re looking for an effective workout with minimal risk of injury, resistance bands might be just the thing you need.

Can Resistance Bands Burn Fat?

Young female athlete using resistance band for strength training in the living room

Though resistance bands are designed primarily for strength training, you may be wondering if they can be used to burn fat as well. Though the answer isn’t completely clear, experts generally agree that yes, resistance bands do have fat-burning potential. Like other strength training exercises, workouts with resistance bands burn calories and increase your metabolic rate, so with consistent use, you’ll start to notice yourself slimming up and gaining some lean muscle. 

If you want to amplify the fat-burning effect, be sure to add cardio to your workout routine. While any exercise helps to burn fat, cardio is by far the best way to do so. When combined with resistance band exercises, you’ll be able to burn fat at an incredible rate.

Advantages of Resistance Bands

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So, what advantages do resistance bands offer over other types of workout equipment? There are a few.

1. Cost. Weights are a great tool for your workouts, but they don’t come cheap. If a full weight set isn’t in the budget, give resistance bands a look. They’re far cheaper than most workout equipment, and as we mentioned earlier, work just as well as the alternatives.

2. Small size. If you want a home gym setup but just don’t have the space, resistance bands are the perfect solution. They work great for any number of strength training exercises, and when you’re done, all you have to do is roll them up and put them in a cabinet. They’ll barely take up any space when you aren’t using them, but will get the job done perfectly whenever you need them.

3. Portability. If you’re the type of person who needs to keep up their workout routine no matter where they are, give resistance bands a shot. Because of their small size, they’re extremely easy to transport. Next time you plan to travel, pack them in your suitcase, and you’ll have your entire home gym setup no matter where you go.

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