Massage Guns for Sports Specialists: Guide 101

Woman using massage gun

As our understanding of the human body advances, so too does the technology to care for it. We’ve reached a point in history where the technology has advanced so far that it can fit in the palm of your hand. It can easily use by sports specialists and normal civilians alike. The most notable piece of handheld technology is the massage gun. For sports specialists, it’s an absolute boon, from its cost efficiency to its countless benefits. Let’s take a look at a few of the reasons why massage guns are a great investment for any sports specialist.

Cost vs. Value

If you’re a sports specialist, chances are you’re looking to make a profit while plying your trade. Naturally, the cost of a new piece of equipment versus the value it will bring you is an important thing to consider. Massage guns bring you the best of both worlds. They’re an invaluable tool for helping your clients, and as far as sports therapy equipment goes, they’re actually quite inexpensive. 

As with any piece of technology, there’s a pretty significant price range when it comes to purchasing a massage gun. So you can figure out what you need the massage gun for, and then decide on how much you want to spend accordingly. Of course, if you’re a sports specialist looking to run a professional establishment, we’d recommend that you go for some of the more expensive options. As they’ll typically do a better job for a longer period of time, giving you the most value for the initial investment.


Woman using massage gun on neck

The issue with a lot of massage equipment is that it’s very stationary. So you can’t exactly pick it up and move it on the fly. If you’re looking to provide a more convenient customer experience, a sports massage gun is the way to go. Sports massagers are designed to be held in a single hand. So it goes without saying that they can be picked up and moved around at the drop of a hat. This will allow you to move freely around your clinic while still providing the same services. It can even conduct home visits for clients with severe mobility issues that keep them confined to one area. 

Increased Blood Flow

We’ve all heard that sports massage therapy boasts a whole array of benefits, but what exactly are those benefits? There are plenty to talk about, more than we have time to cover today in fact. One of the most prominent benefits of sports massage therapy is the increase in blood flow. Increased circulation assists your body’s performance in just about every respect. From better heart health and faster wound healing to a sharper, more focused mind.

Smoother Post-Workout Experience

Woman sitting on couch using massage gun

This increased blood flow does, of course, make for a much easier post-workout recovery. We all know the feeling of having a great workout one day, but waking up sore and barely able to move the next. It’s not a pleasant feeling in any sense of the word, but with a massage gun, it can easily be diminished or even prevented. If you or one of your clients has just completed a workout focusing on a specific muscle group. Massaging that muscle group will help it to recover much quicker than it would otherwise. This will help you feel much less sore the day after a workout, allowing you to get back into the action quickly without having to worry about the soreness.

Preventing Injuries

Man getting massage from massage guns

Soreness is usually an indication that your body still needs time to recover from a workout. So if your muscles are aching from your last exercise session, it’s best to take a bit of a break. While it may seem like a good idea to help maintain your workout regimen. Trying to force your way through this soreness is an extremely bad idea. Working a muscle group again before it has had time to fully recover increases your odds of receiving an injury mid-workout. It could put you out of commission for even longer than if you had simply waited to heal normally. 

Of course, the reason that massage guns help alleviate soreness is because the increased blood flow promotes a quicker recovery. This means that by using a massage gun after intense workouts regularly, you and your clients can maintain a solid workout routine without having to increase the risk of injury.
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