How to Build Your Own Workout Routine: Plans & Exercises for Beginners

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If you’re just starting out in the world of fitness, devising your own workout routine can feel a bit intimidating. While there’s a lot that goes into it. Creating the perfect routine is actually very possible for you to achieve as long as you know what to do and have realistic expectations. That’s where we come in. Keep reading for a few great tips on how to build your own workout routine!

Consider Your Current Abilities

The most important thing to consider when crafting your first workout routine is what you’re currently capable of doing. When it comes to physical fitness, nobody starts at the top. Some exercises are more difficult than others. Attempting them is more likely to frustrate or even injure you than anything. If possible, work with a more experienced fitness enthusiast to figure out a routine with exercises that you’ll be sufficiently challenged by. This will allow you to grow from your exercise routine without taking any unnecessary risks.

Keep a Varied Routine

Workout Routine

When putting together your workout routine, don’t just do the same exercises day after day. Specific exercises typically target specific muscle groups. When you use these muscles during an intense workout use resistance bands for best workout. If you continue to work through this tiredness, you drastically increase your risk of injury. Which could put you out of commission and make future workouts needlessly difficult. The best way to prevent this is simply by changing up your list of exercises on a regular basis, ensuring that no muscle group is made to work more than it’s capable of.

Target All Muscle Groups

In a similar vein, be sure that while you’re changing up your workout routine. You hit all of your major muscle groups throughout the week. While trying to exercise all of your muscle groups every day will lead to exhaustion and injury as mentioned above. It’s still important that each group gets its time to shine. We recommend allocating specific days in your workout routine to work specific muscle groups. For example, give yourself a dedicated day for arms and shoulders. Another day for legs, and a third day for core. You can do workouts targeting these muscle groups on a rotating schedule. So that by the time you’ve gotten past your core day, for example, your arms will fully recover.

Don’t Forget Cardio!

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Though weight workouts and strength training are certainly important, it’ s important to work other types of exercise into your routine as well, namely cardio workouts. Getting several distinct types of exercise will, of course, give you the unique benefits of each. But believe it or not, you’ll reap some unique benefits by combining them. Doing low-impact cardio after lifting weights is great for burning fat and building muscle, giving you gains that are far greater than the sum of their parts. This is ultimately the key to getting the greatest results for your efforts.

Avoid Overexertion

Though it may be tempting to pour every last bit of your strength into each workout, this simply isn’t sustainable. While exercising until you’re tired is a great way to build muscle, burn fat, and progress your fitness journey, continuing to exercise past this point poses a pretty significant risk. As mentioned above, you’ll become far more susceptible to injuries which will make workouts extremely difficult in the long term. Because of this, you need to ensure that you’re conserving your energy and getting plenty of rest in between workouts. This will allow you to go all out during your workouts without having to worry about your health or safety.

Do Something You’ll Enjoy Long-Term

Though planning an effective routine is important, it’s also important to plan an enjoyable one. You have to be consistent with your workout routine if you want to reap the benefits, so you have to look forward to your daily workouts, rather than dread them. Of course, some days will be better than others, and you may not always want to work out, but the days you’re looking forward to exercising should outweigh the days you’re dreading it.

So, how do you come up with an enjoyable workout routine? Simply put, it’s often up to trial and error, so it’s not exactly easy to achieve. However, it’s absolutely worth the effort, so don’t be afraid to go through the process. Just keep trying new workouts, figure out what works for you, and then keep doing it, and you’ll begin to see results!

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