How to Build a Yoga-Focused Workout Routine


Yoga focused workout routine is a great way to improve the health of your body as well as your mind, whether you’re an athlete or beginner. Yoga poses help relax the back, neck, and shoulders while improving flexibility and mental strength.

One of the greatest perks of a yoga routine is that you can do it anywhere, anytime. But where to start? We’ve broken down a step-by-step guide on how to create the perfect yoga workout for you. Whether you’re tackling yoga for beginners or implementing a morning yoga routine, design a plan that’s perfect for you.

Choose Where You Want To Focus

Yoga-Focused Workout Routine

With 84 unique yoga positions, each with its variations, it can feel overwhelming to decide which yoga stretches to include. To help with this, determine why you’re practicing yoga. Are you working on balance? Do you want to improve your strength or flexibility? Challenge yourself with balance-based yoga exercises if unclear about your goals. Balance is an invaluable skill, and these poses are also a challenging core workout.

Don’t Stress

Woman is doing yoga

The whole purpose of yoga is relaxation – these stretch poses allow you to enter a meditative state. There is no such thing as a “perfect yoga routine.” When practicing yoga, unlike other sports, the only person you compete with is yourself. Each of the 84 yoga flexibility poses challenge as well as relax you, so it does you no good to fret about perfection. The important thing is that you’ve decided to start. Whether your first routine includes hand poses or advanced chaturanga, you have somewhere to work towards.

Take it Step-by-Step

Yoga Workout

One of the best ways to build a consistent, workable yoga practice is to learn and add pose by pose. Become comfortable with 4 to 5 poses, then execute those yoga poses in an order that makes sense based on the shape of each pose and the mobility of your body. As that routine becomes simple, you can begin to learn and add new poses to your roster. 

Breathe Into Your New Routine With NineFit

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