Home Gym for Runners- Here’s Everything You Should Have

Girl running on treadmill

Though many think of running as more of an outdoor activity. Exercising on the home front is equally important. Anyone who’s an avid fitness enthusiast should have a home gym. Runners included, though the contents of that gym may change based on the individual’s specific exercise needs. The needs of a runner in particular are especially unique, so to get the most out of your regular outdoor jogs. You also need to have the right equipment back at home. Let’s take a look at a few of the most important pieces of equipment require in home gym for runners. what they’re used for, and what makes them so useful.

Rowing Machine

Rowing machine

Rowing machines are one of the most useful home workout tools for anyone to have in their arsenal, not just runners. They’re able to be used for a wide variety of strength-training exercises. Each of which will target different muscle groups. The most prominent of these muscle groups are the arms, legs, and core. The latter two of which will help you greatly in your later runs. 

In addition, it’s much easier on your joints to row than it is to do more intense exercises like running or other cardio exercises. Because of this, on days that you’re not running, hitting up the rowing machine is a great way to stay in shape. Without having to worry about damaging those delicate joints. In addition to giving you a way to keep your edge, you’ll strengthen your leg muscles. It will allow you to run with even greater strength next time.

Cross Trainer

Home Gym for Runners

Like the rowing machine, the cross trainer provides a more joint-friendly alternative to running. Whenever you need a break, but like a regular run, it’s also an excellent source of cardio. You stand to gain a massive number of benefits by working out with a cross trainer. It ranges from increased leg strength to rapid calorie burning. In addition to this, some cross-trainers feature handlebars that can be pumped in tandem with your legs. It gives your arms and shoulders a bit of strength training to boot, making for an extremely efficient full-body workout.

Exercise Bike

Exercise bikes are a solid solution for anyone who wants to gain the full benefits of a bike ride without dealing with the weather outside. As a form of cardio, riding your bike has very similar benefits to that of a run. It also burns fat and calories alike while strengthening your legs. Some greatly prefer an indoor exercise bike for the perks it provides, namely comfort and entertainment. While no intense exercise is going to be comfortable, per se, if it’s blazing hot, humid, or pouring down rain outside. An indoor biking session is without a doubt going to be far more pleasant. 

In addition, since you don’t have to watch where you’re going as you would on an actual bike. You can put on your favorite TV show to keep you engaged while you’re riding. Once you’re done with your workout, most exercise bikes will provide you with a mileage equivalent to what you have ridden on a regular bike, as well as how many calories you burned doing so. If you felt as if the workout was too easy or too difficult, most exercise bikes offer the option of adjusting the resistance in the pedals. It allows you to fine-tune your workout to perfection.

Strength Training Equipment

Strength Training Equipment

Though the goal of running isn’t always to build muscle, doing so is still important. Strong muscles, especially in the legs and hips, will allow you to run for longer, run more efficiently. It also reduces the risk of injury during your run. As such, your home gym should have some basic strength training equipment like dumbbells and resistance bands. In addition, look into some of the best exercises using this equipment to ensure you can get your money’s worth out of it. With these exercises, you’ll be able to better prepare yourself for the next run, making for a more pleasant experience overall.


Finally, there’s the treadmill, an absolute essential for any avid runner. Like the indoor exercise bike, it’s great for people living in extreme climates. It allows you to get a full-fledged run out of the way, all from the comfort of your own home. It’s the perfect alternative to an outdoor run for summers and winters where the weather would otherwise make doing so difficult. Because of this, we recommend that anyone looking to go running year-round owns a treadmill.

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