5 Reasons to Switch Up Your Workout Routine

Workout routine

Many athletes feel they have to stick to one good workout routine, but the reality is there are many reasons to switch it up. It sometimes takes several tries to find the best workouts, and the only way to get to your ideal routine is through trial and error. Besides, it’s actually good for you to rotate between gym exercises. Let’s break down five key benefits to switching up your workout routine.


Weight Loss

Weight loss

If you’ve been doing the same workout routines over and over, there’s a good chance you’ve gotten good at them. Because of the repetition, your body has adapted and learned how to perform gym exercises with efficiency. This can be troublesome for those who exercise for weight loss. Once your body is used to easy workouts, it becomes more difficult to lose stubborn pounds.

In order to make progress on your weight loss plan, the key is to not give your body time to adapt. Switching it up between cardio workouts, strength training, and other exercises will keep your body on its toes. Consider building an outline for your routine, also called a workout split. It divides workouts throughout the week by body region, movement, or lift. This is a huge help in helping you reach your weight loss goals, since it optimizes your weight loss on all fronts. Many of the best workout routines incorporate splits. 

Builds New Muscle

Man doing gym workout

Just as your weight loss plateaus when you consistently perform the same exercises, so do your muscles. By switching things up, you challenge your muscles in new ways. Diversifying exercises helps improve strength by targeting different muscle groups and movement patterns. This balanced approach reduces the risk of muscle imbalances, which can lead to injury over time.

Switching up your routine not only helps build muscle, but it also prevents overuse injuries. Doing repetitive workouts over and over may strain your muscles and joints. Repetitive movements strains specific muscle groups and joints. Changing your routine allows these stressed areas to recover while engaging other muscles.

Here’s a tip: If you’re looking to build new muscle, consider trying CrossFit strength workouts. Crossfit body training is a great way to build muscle, because it involves a variety of many different exercises that get your whole body moving. 

If you’ve built up muscle, you may have already hit a plateau. In that case, try adding 3-5 sets of hypertrophy accessory work on top of your core workouts. For example, during an upper body workout, you could add accessory exercises like pushups or close-grip bench presses. 

Try New Equipment 

Equipment in gym

If you’re already paying to use the entire gym, you might as well try out their equipment. Start by researching the gym’s equipment offerings. Don’t be afraid to ask a staff member or your trainer for more information about them. They can demonstrate proper usage and suggest exercises to try. If you’re purchasing your own equipment, be sure to familiarize yourself with what aligns with your interests and workout preferences.

Start slow with the new equipment to get a feel for it. After that, you can up the intensity and experiment more with different movement patterns, weights, and number of reps. By trying out new equipment, you’ll increase your confidence knowing you tried something new. If you’re strategic about it, you might even see gains. Testing new equipment is an important way to grow as an athlete, as it allows you to push your body to new places. 


Keeps Fitness Fun 

Woman doing yoga

Doing the same thing all the time is no fun. Physical fitness is important, but it doesn’t have to be boring. Once you feel yourself going on autopilot during a workout, it’s time to switch things up. For many people, fun is an important motivator for fitness, so it’s important you find a way to exercise that you enjoy! 

You don’t have to limit yourself to trying CrossFit workouts at gyms, either. Try jogging outdoors or at home. Pick up a new sport, whether it’s tennis, soccer, kickboxing, or something completely new to you. Or learn a new skill; swimming, dancing, or even horseback riding are all fun activities that can also get you fit. Remember, if you get bored of the gym, you always have other options.  

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