5 Cardio Workouts to Try in Your Gym

Woman doing Cardio Workouts

Doing a gym cardio routine is hugely beneficial for your health, but a lot of people aren’t sure where to start. In this article, you’ll find five of the best cardio workouts to try so you don’t have to feel clueless the next time you head to the gym. 

Cardio exercises at the gym (and anywhere) increase your heart rate. It jumpstarts your metabolism and allows your body to burn calories at a quicker rate. They’re also great for warming up, and cardio after weight training is a great way to make sure you target every area of your body. 

The Best Cardio Workouts

Here are five cardio workouts to try:


Man is doing cardio workouts

The treadmill is definitely the most popular cardio gym workout. When you use it, we recommend building up to a run instead of starting at a fast pace – or, if you’d like, switch between power walking, jogging, and running.

2. Stair Machine

The stair machine, though you might not expect it, is one of the most challenging cardio workouts at the gym. It works your heart and your glutes, hips, and thighs – and if you want to increase the difficulty, try incorporating squats, lunges, and crossover steps as you climb. 

3. Elliptical 

Working out on elliptical

The elliptical offers the benefits of the treadmill without putting so much pressure on your joints. On this machine, you can walk, run, or climb by moving in an elongated circle. Your feet never leave the pedals, which means you don’t experience the repeated pounding that you get on a treadmill. Pushing and pulling the handlebars works your upper body, and you can even pedal backwards to work muscles differently. 

4. Rowing Machine

When you work with a rowing machine, you don’t have to wonder about cardio vs strength training because you get both in one. Grab the handle at the front of the machine and pull your chest towards it to row your body upward and work your heart, arms, core, and legs. 

5. Stationary Bike

Working out on stationary bike

You don’t need to purchase a bicycle to get all the cardio benefits of biking, instead use the stationary bike at your gym. These provide all the same advantages, but more options than a regular bike, as you might choose to use an upright version, recumbent, or dual-action bike. 

Getting the Most From Your Cardio Workout

Cardiovascular health is important. Try out these cardio workouts the next time you hit the gym and get your heart pumping! 

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