5 Best Weighted Bar Exercises for Beginners


Looking to get into weightlifting? Weighted bar exercises are a great place to start, but before anything, you’ll need a few basic exercises. Some exercises are more difficult or strenuous than others, so if you’re just starting out, it’s best to start with the basics. Let’s take a look at some of the best barbell exercises for beginners, as well as the best types of bars and equipment for them.

1. Bar Squat

The bar squat is an extremely simple exercise, but is no less effective for it. You’ll want a regular squat bar, and may want to add a barbell pad to prevent discomfort during longer sessions with many reps.  Regular squats are a great lower-body workout by themselves, so adding a barbell is the perfect way to intensify them, giving your glutes and hamstrings a solid challenge.

2. Bench Press

Weighted Bar Exercises: Bench Press

If it’s an upper-body workout you’re after, bench presses are the perfect exercise for you. To get started, you’ll need a weight bench, a standard barbell, and barbell clips to keep the plates from falling off the bar. Bench presses hit your pecs, shoulder muscles, and arm muscles, so they’re great for gaining a bit of upper-body bulk.

3. Barbell Lunge

Barbell lunges are another classic exercise enhanced with the extra weight from barbells. You’ll need similar equipment to the equipment for a bar squat, and the lunges themselves are just as simple. The lunging motion is the exact same as a standard lunge, but much like barbell squats, you’ll need to brace your barbell against your upper back. They work similar muscles to bar squats as well, so if you’re not a fan of squats, lunges are a great alternative!

4. Bar Curl

Weighted Bar Exercises: Bar Curl

Bar curls focus heavily on your biceps, making them perfect for building forearm strength. While holding the barbell, all you have to do is flex both arms at once to fully fold them, then slowly relax them and return to a resting position. Though they seem simple at first, they can be surprisingly intense depending on the weight you use, so feel free to challenge yourself!

5. Classic Deadlift

The deadlift is a lifting routine staple, and well worth the effort if you’re interested in adding it to your routine. It’s a great all-purpose workout, working glutes, core, back and arm muscles all at once. It’s great to challenge yourself and get the absolute most out of your workout, so we recommend it to anyone looking to start lifting!

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