5 Advantages of Wearing Weight-Lifting Gloves

Woman is weight lifting using gloves

People have a lot of opinions about Weight-Lifting gloves. Whether it’s a personal or (sometimes ill-advised) scientific opinion, people do or don’t wear training gloves and feel pretty vehemently about their stance on them. Whichever side you fall on, there are some commonly-cited advantages of wearing gym gloves that might be perfect for you!

1. Increased Traction

The primary benefit of gloves (which actually creates basically all other benefits) is that they increase traction on your hands. Because gloves have padding and gripping pads that your palms and fingers can’t really replicate, they significantly increase the traction your hands have, which means a better grip on your weights.

Weight-Lifting Gloves

Weight training gloves are designed to help keep your palms from getting sweaty or slick or weak and dropping your weight. Obviously, gloves won’t turn you into Superman, but they can definitely increase the weight you can do.

2. Help Your Mental Strength

Because gym gloves give you additional grip and stability, they help keep you focused. Working out is as much a mental activity as it is a physical one; since gloves reduce the risk of callouses or dropped weights, you can focus on actually perfecting your technique and doing the weight your mind can handle, since you have to worry less about your body’s potential weaknesses.

Woman doing exercise using gloves

3. Lessen Hand & Finger Wear-and-Tear

Gloves prevent callouses (which means no worrying about tearing one) and reinforce your hands and fingers. This helps reduce long-term risks like joint problems or palm and finger damage. Gloves are very useful for this, especially if you’re a fan of, say, deadlifts, but not the popping and cracking of your hands and fingers after.

4. Decrease the Risk of Injury

Gym workout gloves increase stability and grip, reduce the chance of dropping weight, and keep your hands preserved. All of these benefits work together to help generally reduce the risk of injury. Anything from dropping a bar and pulling something to breaking fingers or the like is less likely with gym gloves because they keep your weight-lifting cleaner and safer.

Woman weight-lifting

Gym gloves with wrist support are especially effective for this, doubly so if you struggle with wrist problems.

5. Replace Chalk

This is a minor benefit, but it can be nice if you hate getting chalk everywhere: with gloves, you don’t need chalk anymore. So, kiss that powdery mess goodbye!

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