10 Helpful Tips for Mountain Biking Beginners

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is a favorite hobby for many, and not without reason. From the stunning views to the thrill of racing through a mountain trail, it’s no wonder such a large community has formed around the activity. If you’re interested in it yourself, be sure to do your research beforehand! There’s a lot that goes into having a fun and safe mountain biking experience, and it’s important to know and understand each of those factors. To get you started, we’ve put together ten of our favorite beginner tips!

1. Learn General and Local Trail Etiquette

Mountain biking trail etiquette is essential knowledge for any beginner cyclist. By knowing, understanding, and applying it, you create a safer and more enjoyable experience for not just yourself, but your fellow cyclists as well.

2. Yield to Wildlife

Man taking photo

While you know and understand trail etiquette, the local wildlife does not. Because of this, it’s important to pay attention to what the wildlife is doing, and to stay a fair distance away from them. While there’s nothing wrong with getting a little bit closer to snap a photo, you shouldn’t get close enough to make any sort of contact with them, give them food, or anything else of the sort. Snap your photo, wait for them to finish crossing the road, and then go on your way with a memorable wildlife experience under your belt.

3. Purchase Tougher Safety Equipment

Before you set out on your first adventure, invest in some stronger safety gear and special mountain bike clothing. While your standard bike helmet is all the safety equipment you need for a ride through the city, mountain biking comes with a few unique hazards. You’ll want a helmet that’s rated for much heavier impacts, as well as some knee and elbow pads. 

4. Ensure Your Bike is up to the Task

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Mountain biking is hard on not just the cyclist, but their bike as well. If you’re planning to go mountain biking, you need to make sure your bike is equipped to handle the trail you want to take. Your standard city bike, for example, isn’t nearly rugged enough to handle a rugged nature trail, so we’d recommend investing in a beginner mountain bike if you don’t already have one. In addition, be sure to pick up some mountain bike tires that’ll be able to withstand the rough-and-tumble trails you plan to explore.

5. Maintain Your Bike

When you’re out bike riding in the mountains, the last thing you want is for your trusty trek mountain bike to break on you. Before setting out, be sure the chains are greased, the tires are inflated, and all the screws are as tight as they need to be. For some extra insurance, take a portable repair kit along with you as well!

6. Train, Train, Train!

It probably goes without saying, but mountain biking is far different from a relaxed ride along paved bike trails. It’s a much more strenuous activity, and when you’re in such a remote area, going in under-prepared can be dangerous. Start training months ahead of the planned date for your trip, and do exercises that improve your leg strength and stamina.

7. Walk for Tougher Sections

Man is walking with his bike on mountain

If you’re not confident in your ability to bike through an obstacle or hill safely, just walk past it instead. When you’re just starting out as a mountain bike rider, some things will be beyond your skill level, and that’s okay. It’s better to take it slow and walk than attempt something too difficult and get injured. Once you’re past the obstacle, you can just mount your bike again and carry on.

8. Avoid Tensing Up

During a strenuous bicycle sport like mountain biking, you may find yourself tensing up involuntarily. If you notice this happening, try to loosen up your muscles a bit. Staying that tense all the time will make your motions less fluid, and you’ll probably find yourself much sorer the day after than you would otherwise. 

9. Pack Snacks, Water, and a First-Aid Kit

In the realm of biking for beginners, there are few things more important than preparation. Before setting out, make sure that you have some quick, nonperishable snacks to keep your energy up, plenty of water to keep you hydrated, and a first-aid kit in case something goes wrong.

10. Appreciate the View!

Man clicking photo of beautiful view

When you’re out in nature, you’re sure to encounter some absolutely beautiful scenery. Rather than just flying past all the great views along your cycling routes, take some time to appreciate them!

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